Acutherapy - Βελονισμός
Βελονισμός Αθήνα


From the Greek myth of the Centaur and Asclepius, to the 4 basic bodily fluids or ‘humours’ of Hippocrates, to the system of energy meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the ancient philosophies which approach human health from a holistic perspective accept that there are channels of energy in the body, thus showcasing the importance of balancing the energy status of living beings. One of the most significant methods used to balance our energies is the use of acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture deals with the patients rather than their “illnesses”. In other words, it aims to treat the cause rather than the symptoms, with the intention of making the whole body work in harmony. It is a personalised technique, with no side effects, which can safely be used in conjunction with any ongoing medical treatments. Patients feel a sense of calm and relaxation after treatment. An improvement of the symptoms is seen between the first and the third or sixth sessions while, depending on requirements, the sessions can go on over a longer period, especially in cases where symptoms are chronic or there is a need to maintain the desired balance.

You can find more information about the various techniques used in TCM here.

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